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Free knitting pattern: Chunky scarf

An easy pattern for a chuncky scarf with a cable. No need for a cable needle.

Size: One Size

Yarn: The Wool from We Are Knitters - 3 skeins

Needles: 15 mm, 60 cm

Other: Read the pattern before you start knitting

Edge: The first and the last stitch makes the edge of the scarf.

Cable: The cable works over 5 stitches and four rounds. No need for a cable needle.


Cast on 27 stitches on needle size 15 mm. The first row is the wrong side (WS) of the scarf. Knit one stitch for edging, purl 16 stitches, knit 1, purl 3, knit 1, purl the rest of the stitches. The last one is another edge stitch. Turn your knitting. Knit over knit stitches, purl over purl.


1: WS: 1 knit, 3 purl, 1 knit

2: RS: 1 purl, 3 knit, 1 purl

3: WS: 1 knit, 3 purl, 1 knit

4: RS: time to cable. purl 1, knit the 3. stitch of the 3 knit stitches first. Do not drop it off the needle. Knit the first stitch, drop it, knit the second stitch, drop it and then drop the 3. stitch of your needle. Purl 1.

Knit the scarf as long as you would like it to be. Cast off. Make sure you don't cast off to loose.


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